Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why I started this blog and how I hope you use it

The German poet Rainer Maria Rilke said this in one of his now famous letters to a young poet,

"...and you must be indulgent with the answer, which will perhaps often leave you empty handed, for ultimately, and precisely in the deepest and most important matters we are unspeakably alone; and many things must happen, many things must go right, a whole constellation of events must be fulfilled for one human being to successfully advise or help another."

Yet, despite this acknowledgment, he continues to write Mr. Kappus many more letters full of profound and now famous advice. It seems that the urge to pass on our wisdom and experiences is innate.

I started writing this blog and the forthcoming book of the same title as an attempt to reach one woman and help her to have a better pregnancy and birth experience, just as one woman's story reached me and set me on a path that changed my life.

This blog is for LDS (Mormon) women and other women of faith to share thier positive and or spiritual birth experiences and learn more information about thier options for birthing.

Sadly, the medical, technical world we live in would have us believe that pregnancy is an illness, and a purely physical condition. It is a natural physical process, and it is a spiritual process as well. You are partnering in a miracle with God and with the spirit that has chosen your womb. Now is the time to grow in that knowledge and make conscious choices about how you want to experience this process. My desire is to help my fellow sisters banish fear and the media version of childbirth and replace it with their own truth.

Each week I will be posting childbirth education type stuff as well as spiritual texts relating to pregnancy and birth, and real stories from women like you.

I invite you to email me your stories, questions, or ideas. You may also post them in the comments.

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