Monday, September 21, 2009

The Woodworker's Shop

Yesterday I heard a great story about a man who is a rather famous woodworker in this area. His Arts and Crafts furniture is in the Whitehouse and other famous buildings. My friend's father went to his shop, and as you would anticipate, it was a mess. Sawdust, wood pieces, wood stain, tools, etc.

But out of all that mess the result is an amazingly beautiful piece of furniture. My friend's father remarked that this is sort of like family. In the every day stuff it may look like a disaster. Our houses may have toys everywhere, our agendas, our interpersonal relations may be up and down, but the end result is truly amazing.

Pregnancy and birthing is a small, concrete microcosm of that analogy. Despite what your workshop looks like, you are producing something grand.

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