Monday, October 12, 2009

I Need a Massage

After their rub down.

When mine was just a wee babe, some friend and I did a baby massage class. Infant massage has all kinds of benefits for both the baby and caregiver, including relaxation, reduced pain, which means less colic, and great bonding. Also, the techniques I learned work on grown ups too, so one day I will teach her how to massage me. Though she's not an infant anymore, my little one will still occasionally ask me to give her the "poop massage" (also known as "the I Love You" massage, which is the abdominal massage that gets things going in the right direction.) Some sources will tell you it's okay to use baby massage oil or lotion, but we used edible oils like olive oil or vegetable oil. A little messier, but there is no worry about it being toxic.

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