Saturday, April 23, 2011

Call For A Few More Necessary Stories

"Sometimes people need a story more than food to stay alive." - Barry Lopez

We are nearing completion of the book. So near. But there are a few stories that people promised that we haven't received yet. Probably because they are difficult to write, but as Barry Lopez suggests, they are so necessary. For some people. We are still looking for stories on the following subjects. All authors can remain anonymous.

Sexual abuse - How it affected your birth choices/experience OR how birth helped you heal from sexual abuse.

Abortion - What was pregnancy and birth like after an abortion, however long ago, for whatever reason.

Mental Illness - Mothers who suffer from mental illness.

Please remember that we are most interested in the spiritual angle of these stories. For example: How did you counsel with the Lord? How did healing occur? How has your relationship with God been strengthened? How did/do you see the hand of the Lord in this experience?

Please send your birth stories to or to

Thanks and love.


  1. I have a story to contribute if you are interested, but I will need a few days to put it together.

  2. Thank you. That would be wonderful.

  3. Do eating disorders count as mental illness for this?

  4. Absolutely. If you have story you feel like sharing, please send it asap. Please keep in mind that Our drop dead deadline is June 1. So if you can send it sooner that would be wonderful.

  5. I just wanted to know if you got my story and if you were going to use it? I'm finding it hard to send that out into basically space and not knowing how it was received, if it was received. I'm feeling a little vulnerable about it. Thanks, Holly Young

  6. Yes. Thank you! I will be sending you a contributor release form soon, loves. Thanks again.



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