Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing New Bloggers and My Next Project

If you have visited before, you'll notice some changes to the blog. New background. An "about" page and "authors" page, and we'll have a few more pages coming soon. We are gearing up for the book release, which you'll be hearing more about. For now, I'm going to tell you about what this means for me and my life.

For the last two years I have worked on this book in any and all of my "spare" time, to the point where it literally became my second child. Or my significant other. But I loved it and didn't begrudge it (much). God called me, He qualified me, and He brought me wonderful women to help. Now we're almost done and a funny thing is happening. I feel a sort of release coming. Not completely, but I feel like I am being sent on another mission for a while. Project True Love.

But let me begin earlier.

A few months ago I participated in a mythic and archetypal imagery certification and did the entire hero's journey in one day. What does this mean in lay terms? It means I spent a whole day going in and out of trance watching movies on the backs of my eyelids on a trip better than any drugs could induce. It was literally epic. I love therapeutic imagery because I feel like God communicates to me in profound ways when I am in this state. After all, He does communicate to our heart and mind.

In the first journey I had to dig something up and the image my mind generated was a baby. But I turned it into a statue because it is weird to dig up a live baby. Then I felt I had to put it on some stone stand and Mary and Joseph were going to take it away and take care of it. It did not want to let the baby go. It was MY baby. (It was not Jesus. It was a girl baby. And a now a gold statue.) When I came out of the journey, I was emotional. I wondered if this was about miscarriage, but realized that the baby could be a symbolic baby.

In the second journey, the wizard gave me three gifts and one was a baby. The others were things I needed to nurture her. Basically food and the scriptures. Then I had to take this baby up to the top of a mountain and there was an altar. I understood that I would leave her there on the altar and she'd be taken care of. In that journey, I felt fine about placing her on the altar. I realized later that both babies symbolized this book. The journey continued in several more parts and I can't tell it all, but it was Lord of the Rings style epic, including getting past a dragon. In the end, the treasure for me turned out to be a true love. I can't share any more, but I can tell you how it felt. It felt like I was in Lehi's dream--like I was having a deep spiritually significant vision. I saw Phoebe there, too, a little bit older and far off. She told me she had her own mission to fulfill. It was wild and full of symbolism, but I had a knowingness about what everything symbolized.

So back to the present moment, what I'm feeling is that it is time to put the baby on the altar and spend less time married to this book and start working on Project True Love. Of course, God is behind this one, too. PTL is an actual project with a plan and phases. Phase One begins with a lot of first dates, 30 to be exact, but I'll tell you all about that in another blog post. If part of the reason you read blogs is because you are a little voyeuristic, you are going to love this.

So, this is my way of announcing that I have invited some of my collaborators to contribute to this blog. Now that we have the book all together (almost), I really enjoy reading the many different voices and I think it's time the blog benefited from different voices, too. Their presence will also give me a little break to fit in all those dates in September and October. (I promise more juice on this later). So, please go read their bios and look at their lovely pictures on the Authors page. They are beautiful inside and out, and I adore them.

We haven't worked out a blogging schedule yet, but I'm guessing you can expect excellent reading candy at least three times a week. Hooray!

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