Friday, January 22, 2010


I really have been remiss in not introducing my other collaborators yet, but I have just been overwhelmed about what to say about them, because there is so much to choose from.

In addition to Busca and Heatherlady, whom I have mentioned in previous posts, the three other women who are collaborating with me on this book are:

Rixa Freeze, also know as Dr. Freeze (she's a PhD). She writes the blog Stand and Deliver and is well known around certain birthing communities. There is so much good information on her blog, so I recommend just perusing through her tag list. But of particular interest might be her birth stories. She has two, Zari and Dio. Also, I have mentioned it before, but you may like her post about early LDS blessing rituals for childbirth. Rixa currently resides in the Midwest and also represents for Canada. (She is married to a Canadian.)

Katy Rawlins is mother of 3. She is a postpartum doula and starts midwifery school this summer. Her first and traumatic birth experience led to seek something better with the next and the next. She didn't stop there, though, she has lobbied for midwifery in the State Legislature of Idaho (with great success) and last year, Lamaze International named her the recipient of the 2009 Normal Birth Advocate Award. Go Katy. She currently has several blogs she is trying to combine and organize. When that happens, you'll see them in the blog roll and I will likely make her do some guest posts.


Beth Day is mother to two, a doula and Lamaze Certified Child Birth educator. She is also on the board of Birth Network National and has been their liaison with the Lamaze Institute for Normal Birth. She has also published several articles, including one about her birth story, in the Journal of Perinatal Education, the leading peer-reviewed journal specifically for childbirth educators. She also just started teaching prenatal yoga in the town where she lives. She currently resides in that part of the country known as The South.

There is plenty more I could say about all of these ladies, but I'm not sure where to begin. They are awesome and passionate and beautiful and smart women, but they are also just regular moms that deal with confounding toddler queries and grass stains. They are also spiritually sensitive and feel so much concern for their fellow sisters. I am honored to be working with each of them.

It has occurred to me that readers may want to know more about me and who I am, without having to read 60 blog posts. So I am working on putting together a post about my journey to start this project and also my birth story. I hope to finish it in the next week.

Thanks for reading and keep sending me your stories. I love them. I am still amazed at how each one is so completely unique.

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