Monday, December 28, 2009

The Spiritual Significance of Birth

One of my collaborators is known in the blogosphere as Heatherlady, who writes the Women in the Scriptures Blog. Heather is a self-described scripture nerd and her knowledge of women in the scriptures is already proving so valuable to this book. Heather knows the ins and outs of every birth story in the scriptures as well as every midwife, every mother, and every prophetess. Her most recent post, The Importance of Birth is mind-blowingly awesome and a must read. I have linked to it rather than having her repost it here because there are many other valuable things on her site that you might enjoy once you're there. Heather also had two incredible and spiritual births, and I am so happy to have her insights in this book.


  1. Heatherlady used to live in my LDS ward and I love following her blogs. She is a wonderful woman and her views of birth, motherhood and womanhood are inspiring. I was excited to find that she is contributing to your efforts.



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