Sunday, March 28, 2010

Favors From the Spirit World

I have this circle chart of my ancestors that hangs on my entrance wall. I taped it up with masking tape about 7 or 8 months ago, and a few months back, one corner of it started to fall down. I pushed it back up for several days, then the whole thing eventually came crashing into the middle of the hallway. After repeatedly taping it up I got a flash of inspiration. Maybe they want attention. I stared at the names there and the empty spaces.

"Okay," I said. "I'll give you three hours this week. But I want a favor in return."

So I did. And they did me the favor I asked. I won't go into details, because this is not a genealogy post. But, lately, they have been throwing themselves in my hallway again. Maybe it's just the life of masking tape, but it's not a bad reminder to pay attention to people in my life stream and listen for what they might have to tell me. I am still not sure what it is yet. But here is something that happened recently.

My daughter is getting old enough to have real conversations on the phone--and because of our situation, every other weekend, that is how we have to talk. A few weeks ago, when she called me, she was so sad. She was crying and telling me how much she missed me and sang me a little song about how sad she was, but couldn't finish because she was crying. It was heartbreaking, but also kind of sweet that we were able to communicate so well on the phone. I sang her a little song back and then told her to sleep well. The next morning I called and she said, "Mommy, I am done crying about you." Ha! I had to laugh. Everything looks brighter in the morning, doesn't it?

Well, last night she called me, past her bed time. She sounded tired but happy. As she was hanging up, she said, "Mommy, I have lots of angels that watch over me when I miss you."

She said it with so much confidence that it made me smile. "I know you do," I said.

I just re-taped the chart today and spoke all the names of my ancestors out loud (a lot of Marys and Johns) and started to give them my "I'll give you an hour if you give me a favor" spiel, but then I realized that they were probably doing more for me and my little girl than I even know.

Yes, that is my angelic daughter who told me the other day that reading scriptures makes her happy when she is sad. She can't really read (that I know of)... but it works for me.


  1. Where did you get this cool family history chart? I believe the more we seek out our ancestors the more they can help us. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Robyn, your words were just inspiration for me. I felt a slight rush of tingles head to toe when I read "I believe the more we seek out our ancestors the more they can help us". WOW. Just WOW! My Patriarchal Blessing tells me I will be highly engaged in geneological work. And through meditation & ancestral energy work that I'm learning about & am going to be certified in, I believe this is going to happen in ways I had never even dreamed possible when I got my blessing. Thank you for that comment!!! Tears are flowing...

  2. When my first baby was born, 9 1/2 years ago, I used to joke about the angels he must be laughing at. Now I know it is true. And I am grateful for their presence in our home! I feel so blessed to know I can call on them for favors. And I love, love doing family history research and temple work!

  3. I with Robyn, Where did you get this neat chart? I want one now. I also believe in our family angels that watch out for us. My daughter (5) tells me all the time that Grandpa Bob takes care of her all the time and that she does miss having him here. He died along time before she was born.

    If you could let me know where to get the chart that would be wonderful!! Thanks for your inspiring blog.

  4. I got the chart at But if you google "circle genealogy chart" you will find tons of different options. I like this one because it uses the same color coding I use in my genealogy files, and you can technically erase (with a little Windex or rubbing alcohol) if you make a mistake. But there are really cool programs out there where you can input all your data and email it to them and they will print you a really cool one on a giant scroll of paper or fabric for you to frame. It has made a big difference having their names actually out in my home and not just in a file.

  5. Yes, I really like the idea of having their names out in the home where my children can see them too. They will be closer to our hearts this way. Thanks.



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