Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blog Award

Top Pregnancy and Childbirth Blog

I just received an email from someone telling me I was the recipient of a 2010 Nursing Blog Award in the category of Pregnancy and Childbirth. The email invited me to put a badge on my blog letting everyone know I was a winner of this honor. I was sort of excited but kind of skeptical because I am a new blogger and my audience--well, we could call it niche. But after checking out the site and list of other winners, I think it is legit. At the very least it is cool to be counted among so many other great blogs. And I do get the nifty badge. My collaborator, Busca, was also a winner for her blog, Birth Faith.

Now for my acceptance speech.

I would like to thank all of The Gift of Giving Life readers--all my fabulous collaborators, and God for any behind the scenes clicking that got this blog in the top 1% of blogs reviewed. Yay.

Oh, and now that I know stuff like this exists, feel free to nominate TGOGL for other blog awards--especially if they involve all-expense-paid trips somewhere. I am happy to give a speech when I get there.


  1. I just heard from that website too. Call my cynical, but it's basically free advertising for that website.

    But if they gave me a free vacation somewhere, then that would definitely change things!!!

  2. Yeah. That was my thought. But I sort of liked the nifty badge. So I removed the link to their site from the html code. So I get a nifty badge and they get nothing. Ha!

  3. It may be free advertising for their site, and it may not mean much, but they're giving us free advertising too. I've already seen traffic diverted to my blog from their link. I think it's a mutually beneficial exchange for the award giver and receiver, and I'm happy to offer them thanks for the recognition and linkage by "wearing" their badge.



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