Friday, August 20, 2010

Heather Meets Her Hero

Heather got to meet her hero this week. Sister Beck, if you don't know, is the General Relief Society President of the church. She went to represent all of us and talk to her about the book we are writing.

I don't know what I am more happy about, that she knows about the book, or that Heather is the one that got to go. I don't think anyone else would have appreciated meeting her quite as much. God has definitely put each of us in the right places for the right reasons. If you want to know more, you can read Heather's blog post about it.

Thanks Heather for doing such a good job representing us and our mission. Though I didn't meet her, I think that you radiate almost as much love and light.


  1. Wonderful!
    *You may consider linking "the church" or "Relief Society" to for those people who may not understand that verbiage...just saying. :)

  2. Thanks, I think your help made a difference . I don't think my neck went red the whole time I was talking to her! Yeah for anchors.

  3. I agree completely. So so so glad it was Heather. :-)

  4. That is awesome! Great for Heather and for the book!



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