Friday, August 20, 2010

Yoga and Hypnotherapy Saved Me This Week

Can I just say how much I love teaching pregnancy yoga and being a hypnotherapist and all the other empowering work I do. I had a tough week this week, but because I had to teach yoga, and see hypnotherapy clients, I had to put my own stuff aside and pull it together--hard day or not. Migraine or no migraine. And I felt awesome afterward. I teach a pregnancy yoga class on Thursday nights to a group of mostly LDS ladies. One woman hosts the class in her back yard. It is very secluded (for LA) and in the middle of the yard is a a beautiful sixty-year-old tree. There is also a fountain of running water and two cats that like to come out and meditate with us. It is so rejuvenating and lovely to look up and see the sky, and to do cat-cow with real cats.

It is getting darker earlier and earlier and one week soon we will have to move inside, but I am going to cherish every moment of it. If you are in the LA area, I would love to have you come. Email me for the info and address.

Also, I did a phone hypnotherapy session with a woman in Utah this week and it went really well. (Hopefully I can get her to blog about how awesome it was.) I used to be skeptical about phone work, but it works just as well* because once the client closes their eyes, it's all auditory anyway. It may even be a little easier on the client, because they can be in their own environment, and depending on the presenting issue, coming in might not be comfortable.

Being able to hypnotherapy for anyone anywhere with a phone or Skype opens us a whole world for me as far as people I am able to help. This thrills me. So in an act of shameless self-promotion, I am going to link my hypnotherapy website, Tree of Life Hypnosis in my helpful sites sidebar.

Hypnosis is such a wonderful tool, not just for enjoying birth but also for fertility, eliminating fears, creating good habits, communication, confidence, relationship enhancement and so much more. On my website it a list of 101+ ways that hypnosis can help you.

*The University of Washington did a study on phone counseling sessions and found that the were just as effective as face to face therapy, but the attendance was twice as high--meaning, people showed up. (I will link the study when I find it.)

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