Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Angel Melchizedek

I had an intensely spiritually trippy day. I can't blog it all, because I only have 15 mintues. But I feel that I must say something right now. Today I got sign after sign that angels watch over us. I also had this crazy moment when I was driving and could imagine what the world must be like if I could "see" everything--if i could see all the shadows and all the light warriors going about their business trying to help or hinder us.

I was praying for my little daughter, who is going through some hard stuff right now and trying to sort out her feelings and emotions and I had the feeling to ask people to pray for her. All my Gift of Giving Life girls were already praying, so I called another friend that I know from hypnotherapy school. She's very spiritual and believes in and prays to Archangel Michael a lot. So I asked her to pray. She sent me a message later that she prayed for us and then pulled an angel card. The card she got was "'Peace,' overseen by an angel named Melchizedek, 'The Divine Mediator.'"

I was kind of blown away. I love that God used my friend and her angel cards to communicate a really beautiful message to me. It was clearly meant for me. The name Melchizedek doesn't have much significance to her--but I knew what it was about.

That was just the beginning of my day. I went to the temple--literally carried there by some other feet, and God sent me many more angels with messages of peace. I can't share it all, but what I thought was interesting was my pondering of who I should have give Phoebe a blessing.

My thought process was, "Who should be blessed with this task? Whose life should I bless by asking them to bless Phoebe?"

This is so contrary to how I used to be about asking for blessings. I used to think I was such an annoyance or a burden. Now I see that God wants to bless us and that it is an honor for whomever gets to be his representative....That is all for tonight.

Oh wait. One more thing. I opened to this scripture when I was reading in the temple:

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." (Psalms 46:1)

The rest of that chapter is pretty fantastic, too.


  1. My dad has a cool story about Melchizdek I should tell you about. Love you, lady (and Phoebe).

  2. That's an amazingly wonderful story/day! Thank you for sharing!



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