Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Experimental Child

I hear a lot of mothers say to me, "Well, for this first baby, I think I'd like to give birth in the hospital, with a doctor." Their logic is that they don't know anything about giving birth and the hospital must be the best place for inexperienced pregnant ladies. That is kind of what I felt going into pregnancy. Then I began to hear from a lot of women who had only found the path to natural birth after a disconnected, disappointing, or traumatic first birth experience.

As an oldest child, you can understand why I am not too keen on the idea of using the first child as an experiment. I also knew that I might not get another chance to give birth (my husband left when I was pregnant). But even if I did, I kept hearing this phrase over and over in my mind: "you only have one first birth."

You will only have one first birth. And your child will only have one birth experience. Make sure that you own it. You can't control everything that happens, but you can make informed, conscious choices and make sure that your child's experience getting into this world is as gentle as possible.

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