Monday, November 16, 2009

Her First Week

Some days of the month, I have little to give. When I am at that gray and expansive wall, trying to remember what it is I'm doing, poetry is one thing that makes things hum again. Here is another beautiful poem by Sharon Olds. I am probably totally violating copyright law, but I am also heavily promoting her stuff, so hopefully she won't mind. Sharon Olds writes a lot about motherhood and the day to day things that concern women. If you like it, here are some of her books.

Her First Week

She was so small I would scan the crib a half-second
to find her, face-down in a corner, limp
as something gently flung down, or fallen
from the sky an inch above the mattress. I would
tuck her arm along her side
and slowly turn her over. She would tumble
over part by part, like a load
of damp laundry in the dryer, I'd slip
a hand in, under her neck,
slide the other under her back,
and evenly lift her up. Her little bottom
sat in my palm, her chest contained
the puckered, moire sacs, and her neck -
I was afraid of her neck, once I almost
thought I heard it quietly snap,
I looked at her and she swivelled her slate
eyes and looked at me. I was in
my care, the creature of her spine, like the first
chordate, as if, history
of the vertebrate had been placed in my hands.
Every time I checked, she was still
with us - someday, there would be a human
race. I could not see it in her eyes,
but when i fed her, gathered her
like a loose bouquet to my side and offered
the breast, greyish-white, and struck with
minuscule scars like creeks in sunlight, I
felt she was serious, I believed she was willing to stay.

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