Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Drink Some Tea and Eat Some Food"

tea time, originally uploaded by leuwam.

I sat down earlier to try to write a post about how much I love being a mother, but I had to abandon it because I was so grouchy today. I put Phoebe to bed and told her I was sorry for being out of sorts all day. I said "I didn't know why, but I'd try to figure it out and be better tomorrow."

She forgave me, and then proceeded to tell me what I needed to do to feel better. "You need to drink some tea and eat some food," she said. She's right. I have serious blood sugar issues, and a protein snack generally solves an unexplained mood swing. Tea is another calming anchor for me. It's funny how well our kids know us.



  1. My Mom used to say to me, "I think you ran out of gas. You are either tired or hungry. Would you like something to eat or a nap?" I love that Phoebe knows you that well. Sometimes when I look at my daughters I remember they really are my sisters and are here to help me through mortality just as I am here to help them.

  2. Love that sweet, sensitive girl. And her momma.



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