Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

I can't believe it has been another year. I remember writing a blog post on her birthday last year--which feels like only 6 months ago, tops. Sigh. It's hard to imagine what she'd be like at 63. She is kind of always stuck in my mind at 41 or younger. Sometimes she is 17 and posing for her senior prom, rather awkwardly with her very tall date.

In honor of her birthday I had some women over for a mini yoga/meditation/guided imagery night. It was my gift to her to give away some of my talents to the community. We did a meditation for celestial communication and at one point I felt like since I was in celestial communication I should petition God for some things. But then I felt overwhelmingly how much He has already blessed me with. It has truly been a flood in the last year.

This year I came to understand how mother's being in heaven has been the exact kind of relationship I've needed to have with her. Her absent presence has actually guided my journey in many ways, such as founding Memoirs Ink, and being open to all things metaphysical, such a hypnotherapy and ancestors moving things in my house to get my attention. I'm totally into all that stuff. And since I accept that kind of communication, I get it all the time. It's great to be loved from both sides of the veil and know it.

But I can't write about my mom's birthday without acknowledging my grandmother, whose passion and will I have inherited. I'm so grateful to both of them and their wonderful partners for giving me life. And I realize that every birth is really a day of celebration for a thousand ancestors and future generations. How wonderful.


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