Monday, March 14, 2011

What Do You Do When You Want Another Baby?

What do you do when you want another baby and it's just not happening?

As far as I can tell from all the stories I have received from you, this is what you do:

Try not to think about it.
Have more sex.
Go on a vacation.
Give up.
Take Fertility Enhancers.
Go to the temple.
Cry some more.

Fertility journeys are heart wrenching. Especially when you know how much love you have to give. I think of Mandi's story and how she watered her pillow at night.

Everyone's fertility journey is different. Mine has nothing to do with my eggs. My problem is that I need some good DNA, which I only have half of.

By the way, this is Felice's ovaries talking right now. She would kill me if she knew I was saying all this, because she's so zen now and all-trusting in God's timetable. She would like to find a complementary partner, not just a sperm donor. Someone who is a full glass of water like her--who doesn't need to be filled by someone else. And while I find that admirable--I just want good DNA. Of course, I care about her happiness and stability, but what was wrong with the last man?

So, once a month I throw a fit and make her cry at least a few tears, just so she knows I'm here. Sigh. If anyone wants to set her up with a good man with good DNA, please do, but keep my name out of it. By the way, she's a Libra, and she likes long walks on the beach.



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