Sunday, October 2, 2011

Unveiling the Cover - Presales Begin

Reg: $16.95 Pre-Sale: $15.26

It's here! Later than we expected, but here she is! We hope that staring at this beautiful cover will entice you to buy a copy now. Here are 3 good reasons to buy a copy of The Gift of Giving Life before it comes out:

1. Be the first of your friends to get one when they ship.

2. Get 10% off. You might as well buy 7 at this price.

3. Help us generate impressive pre-sales numbers. This will help us get wider distribution and get "in" with certain venues that might have been skeptical. $ talks, right?

4. And did we mention that all money from sales of the book goes right back into publicizing and sharing the joy of our book?

If you have just found this website or blog, here is some information about the book:

The Gift of Giving Life: Rediscovering the Divine Nature of Pregnancy and Birth offers something that no other pregnancy book has before–a spiritual look at pregnancy and birth by and for LDS women and other women of faith. With inspiring birth stories and essays from dozens of real LDS women, scriptures, words of the prophets and other spiritual texts related to pregnancy and birth, The Gift of Giving Life if the essential pregnancy companion for every LDS woman.

The Gift of Giving Life does not advocate for any one type of birth or approach to prenatal care, rather it intends to unify our families and communities in regard to the sacredness of birth. We also aim to provide you with resources, information, and inspiration that you may not have had access to all in one place before.

Though we have written the book unabashedly for an LDS audience, we hope that birthing women, birth attendants and birth advocates of all faiths will find it useful and informative.

If you are a bookseller or retail store owner of any kind and would like to order books wholesale, please contact Meleah via for information and an order form.

If you are a blogger and would like to advertize the book or sell it through your blog, just grab the button on the right.


  1. HI there,
    I submitted a few stories but didn't hear if any made the final cut. Am I right to assume you would've contacted me if you had?

  2. Do you ship to the UK?

  3. Yes. we will. But we haven't set up all the international shipping options yet. I'll post another comment when that is set up. Thanks for your interest!



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