Friday, October 14, 2011

What I Want For My Birthday - Marie Osmond

It's my birthday again. Holy Cow! I've had three birthdays on this blog. I can't believe it. This year, for my birthday, (and Christmas) all I want is for someone to give me a warm introduction to Marie Osmond because I'd like her to blurb our book. We have several big names blurbing the book, all from from different fields including birth activists, theologians, writers, and entertainers. But ever since I read Marie's book Behind the Smile: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression, I realized here was a gal who cared about women and the sacredness of the birth process. And she's a well loved Mormon, loved by all faiths. She just needs to know about the book.

So far my only connection with her is that I know her first ex-husband's sister. It's not a connection I really want to use. I tried contacting her manager a few years ago but they said she didn't have time to read a book. Hmph. I don't think they even asked her. Because if she knew it was THIS BOOK, I think she'd be honored. So if you know her, or have a solid connection with her, help me out!

I'm not asking for a face to face introduction. I'm not a crazy fan. I just want a way to get her a copy of the book before it comes out so she can read it and perhaps write an sentence or two about its awesomeness.You could even forward her this blog address or our main web address:

Also, as a second birthday wish, I'm still hoping for a Christmas miracle. That is, that we get the book out before Christmas and not Valentines day. A lot depends on our publisher's workload in getting it all edited and laid out in time. As you know, things come up. Things take longer. People's kids get broken legs. People go on maternity leave. But I am ever the optimist. So will you all join me in praying for a Christmas miracle. Thanks!

If you know Marie, email me privately and I'll send you a one page sell sheet to send to her to see if she will consider it. Thanks!


  1. LOL I know her second ex-husband's sister-in-law. I don't think that is close enough to make it work. Sorry. Good luck, though!

  2. I wish I had a contact to Marie so that I could make your birthday but I don't. Nonetheless, HAPPY BIRTH-DAY!

  3. I've got some possible connections for you!

  4. My sister knows Marie Osmond's son. I will get her in contact with you! Happy Birthday! It's my birthday too! :)

  5. Happy birthday Sara. Thanks everyone. I'm sure if she gets asked 3 different ways she might pay attention. I know she's super-busy though, so let's pray she has time to read it.

  6. OMGee. I just visited Marie Osmond's FB page and saw that her birthday is the day after mine! How serendipitous. I hope that she gets our messages and will blurb our book. Because we are both cool Libras who care about mommas and babies.



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